Unbelievable Facts About Auto Window Tinting

New York State actually has a law on the books about tinting and that you know all the states have laws on the books about tinting what’s allowed what isn’t and where is it allowed but in New York State the law actually says the home state law counts and has jurisdiction and if you’re legal in your home state we will not give you a ticket however the word is on the street that in New York they are still giving out tickets in particular to New Jersey which has easier laws and so if you go to New Jersey and you’re traveling.

Into New York you can still get a ticket even though it’s not allowed it’s against the law in in New York to give you a ticket they still will do it so don’t go by that that just because it’s legal in my home state I can get away with it everywhere that isn’t probably true chances are you still can get a ticket so you might want to if you really want to avoid a ticket you might want to err on the side of caution.

And go to light I did not I err I did not err on the side of caution these windows are all legal in the state of Nevada in fact into the state of Nevada my home resident there are no laws passed the back windows and this can be any darkness you want you can paint them solid black these windows are % which is legal in Nevada because passed here any window can be any Kent now in Nevada.

The side windows can only be Auto window tinting this is a % so I am legal and the state of Nevada however I know that in some states I am illegal they don’t allow % so my plan is anytime I’m pulled over I’m going to power windows on both sides I’m going to drop all the windows I I didn’t want any question in fact if aura poaches me I had a cargo van before this the one time.