How to remodeling bathrooms

It was actually in the fairly decent shape we’ve done it once one time back I had to tear a part of my vanity down here because I had a leak going down underneath and as you can see I haven’t been up here in a very long time how to choose bathroom lighting.

You have water damage down here in the corner I knew about that time listen I knew about this Tom listen you see the shot was really not that bad it’s old starting to get a bit of mildew and stuff what I didn’t know that the kids didn’t tell me about this title right here.

It was cracked but I had sealed it look at that no wonder I’ve had leaks look at all that so that’s what I’m gonna be doingI’m gonna rip this whole bathroom apart so you’all can get good yoga before and afters here that’s the big problem all shower doors look broken razor blade let me.

Sure rock red blade again already hate vinyl first stuff you can ever dod definitely now just finest on solid from there oh there’s a load up just fine back into here going back up the brain into that wall that is going down there where all my thoughts were coming from easy way to take it out.

Just replace the sheetrock what I’ve done guys I bust it up or I can get hold of my sheetrock with all the tile attached and just rip it all out a puddle on the top up there where it meets the blue just rip that whole thing out in one piece or two now guys I got a lot of rot all this down in here has to be replaced all along this flitting I take this all out floor is rotted way up and heat it up across is mostly.